Thank you for visiting our wedding website! As some of you may already know Jess and I have our sights set on being first time homeowners when we start our new journey together! check out our current living situation to the right --> yikes.

 I am sure many of you are wondering if there is anything we need for our wedding. We’ve created a registry to help make our dream home a reality. That way every day we come home, we get to think of each and every one of you that contributed!


I know we are all the way out in Utah, but since your all assisting us in making our dream come true everyone is always welcome to come visit. Thank you for helping us build a place to live and love - a place to welcome friends and family. We can't wait to celebrate together soon!


If this maybe is not your cup of tea there are other options, such as tools for Curt so he can fix the house up once we move in, as well as several options at Bed Bath & Beyond,, and Target!

 Just remeber, were not judging by what you give, but it will determine your dinner portions at the wedding.......... just kidding :).


With love,

Jess & Curt

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